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Gammon Bridge Deck Erection Gantry

DLT supplied hydraulic jacking system for viaduct erection strand jack gantry designed by Gammon Constructions Limited, Hong Kong. Gantries in various configurations are being used for the deck erection of Tuen Mun Chek Lap Kok Link – Southern Connection Viaduct Section in Hong Kong. DLT supervisors are at construction site assisting Gammon to assemble, erect, commission and operate these gantries.

Please see our Bridge Deck Erection Gantry-product page for various such gantries designed and supplied by Dorman Long Technology for mechanized bridge construction

K-Frame Viaduct erection gnatry
The gantry in Travelling Hanger Beam (THB) and K-frame configuration has 1 No DL-S185 / DL-S294 strand jack to lift bridge deck sections weighing up to 250te. The gantry has various automated features using Dorman Long Hydraulics and Control System:
  • Designed to lift deck section weighing up to 250te using Dorman Long Strand Jack.
  • Hydraulic Rams for the transverse and logitudinal movement of the deck sections once lifted.
  • Cross fall and gradient adjustment rams installed to the lifting beam for the fine alignment of the deck sections before installation.
  • Deck sections can be rotated by 180 degrees after being lifted from the barge / SPMT.
  • The K frame gantry can straddle carry the deck sections over long distance using hydraulic rams moving at high speed.
  • Each gantry has 4 No screw collar feet load transfer rams which can hydraulically balance the gantry during longitudinal movement and stranddle carrying the segment over long distance.
The difference between K-frame and THB gantry is that the K-frame has additional capability to straddle carry the segments from one location to another when the segments cannot be delivered directly under the final location of erection.
THB Gantry...Viaduct Gantry
Viaduct Gantry
Viaduct Gantry
K-frame Gantry...Viaduct Gantry
Viaduct Gantry
Viaduct Gantry
Lifting frame with Segment Gradient and Crossfall adjustment rams...Viaduct Gantry
DL-S185 strand jack for vertical lifting of segments...Viaduct Gantry
Dorman Long Supervisor assisting Gammon during equipment commissioning...Viaduct Gantry